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Farmer Stool

Farmer stools are comfortable, characterful, and take less visual and physical space. Most people are surprised at the comfort provided by these seats. They are designed with 8 hours of field plowing in mind. The Farmer is stylish and strong. The sleek welded steel legs are finished with John Deere Yellow. An original vintage, rusted implement seat is bolted on and has a clear coat finish.

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  1. Implement seats have their own personality and history. Recently, while putting a the protective finish on Farmer stool seats I realized that I haven’t included much about the unique character of the seat pans. Over the years I have taken a good many photos of seats as I was building stools. There are various hole patterns stamped into the seats during their manufacture which lends to the look, but the real character is evident in the obvious years of farm use. Dents, dings, paint long worn away, and rust-pitted surfaces give each seat a unique look and feel. You can really get a sense of history when you look closely. There are certainly a wide selection of seats including those that have been cast. The seat pans I usually use are formed from steel sheets in a stamping process. I have a book called Cast Iron Implement Seats IV by John D. Friendly, Jr. Mr. Friendly is said to have the largest collection of cast seats in the world. His book is a photographic archive of the seats in his collection and others. Seats range from simple geometric patterns to very elaborate designs that include farm names, locations, and farmed crop ie. corn. All seat pans, both cast and stamped are getting harder to come by.

  2. One size fits all.

  3. This is a table & stools that I created on commission for a client in Brooklyn. If you don’t see what you want. Just drop me a note and we’ll explore the possibilities and deliver a solution.

  4. I like the “Farmer Stool” a lot! It’s a cute statement for the home… and it could be a great statement in group, for a commercial project, like a bar or restaurant.



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